The story of quality started more than 150 years ago

1852: The founding of the quality forge in Wuppertal


FREUND garden shears – quality from the forge – our leitmotif then and today. Everything started with the forged hedge shear. Meanwhile many new products have been added. Professionals and hobby gardeners in more than 40 countries are working with high quality tools from the FREUND brand – Top in processing and design

1898: The beginning of fork production in Schorndorf

The first agricultural forks were produced by the company Wilhelm Abt in Schorndorf in the Württemberg region of Germany near Stuttgart more than 100 years ago. The company went on to take over other German manufacturers of forks (such as Victoria), spades and other implements. Over 100 million forks, spades, hoes and rakes delivered to satisfied customers around the world are impressive proof of the efficiency and performance of our factories. 

Over a period of decades, the companies concentrated on what they did best - as absolute specialists. One of the characteristic features of the company was its product variety. The target groups which for years set the stringent standards for our production were professional users such as farmers, vintners, fruit growers, plant nurseries, landscape gardeners, road builders and so on. All of these discerning experts had their own specific demands which all had to be taken into account during product development.

1991: Our history has a future

The operations in Schorndorf and Wuppertal merged to create an efficient manufacturing and sales company, which from 1993 traded under the name FREUND VICTORIA Gartengeräte GmbH based in Schorndorf. This marked the start of a new position for the company - from the specialist manufacturer to the market-oriented supplier of a complete range of garden implements.

The headlong expansion of the DIY gardening market called for ever more universally applicable garden implements in a modern design at affordable prices. Thanks to its many years of manufacturing experience, FREUND VICTORIA has been instrumental in shaping product development for the garden market.

2002: United we stand stronger

Since the beginning of 2002, FREUND VICTORIA has been a member of the JOHANN OFFNER Group of Companies in Austria. This connection has created one of the highest performing manufacturing groups for long-handled implements in Europe. Offner operates one of the world's most modern fork production plants. Following the merger, the production volume amounts to around 3.5 million implements per year. 

For FREUND VICTORIA, this marks a further milestone in the company's development. The innovative drive and flexibility of this medium-sized company has been retained and will form a basis for future compliance with the demands of the market and the needs of our customers. The opportunities created by the merger, particularly in the field of manufacturing, will secure our international competitive standing.


2010: A new logistics and administration building was completed.

In 2010, the new logistics and administration building of FREUND VICTORIA was built and put into operation. It replaces the more than 120-year-old administration building. FREUND VICTORIA is active worldwide and relies on efficient logistics. The new buildings enable a significant increase in performance and thus even better customer orientation.

2019: Extension logistics area

In 2019 our logistics area was expanded by approx. 4.000 pallet spaces.


This is another important milestone in the company’s development of FREUND VICTORIA. With the expansion of storage and production facilities another step has been taken into the future and the associated requirements of the market and our customers.