Cutting lawn edges

Cleaner edges look better

It isn`t enough just to mow your lawn. Regular cutting and correct fertilization are basic requirements for a beautiful, uniform lawn – but the problems of cutting occur mostly round the edges. It is in this area that too much is asked of the average lawnmower, and because of this there is often wild growth at the lawn edge. This is a major problem for most gardeners – but it doesn`t have to be. For the trade now offers a comprehensive selection of professional cutting tools specifically for lawn edge. With these you can easily reach those difficult areas – around paths or trees which grow on you lawn. You`ll find something to suit you in the range of clippers on offer. The choice includes light one-handed grass clippers, Akku lawn clippers with and without long handles. These can easily cut large areas of lawn edges at a stroke, or trim away cleanly stalk by stalk.